Hey all,

Just wanted to let anyone, but more specifically the folks in North Texas, know about the TX TOUGH Tour.

Here's the link TX TOUGH Tour

Obviously you can learn a whole lot more about it there, but the 30 second spiel is this:

they're a pledge fund-raiser created exclusively to raise money for Children's Medical Center in Dallas(for whom I work, FYI). It offers triathalon events, however, you can opt to do just 1 or 2 of them if, like myself, you'd drown after 500 feet or die of a heart attack running from the front door to the mailbox. FOr their first ever event for Children's, it will be a bike-only event, and it's gonna be held at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas on 9/14/2008.

They offer rides from a 10K up to 112 miles, so everbody should be able to join in the fun.

k that's it.

Thanks for reading.