Hello fellow cyclists!

The League of Michigan Bicyclists, a 501(c) 3 non-profit statewide bicycle advocacy and education organization, is proud to announce its 2009 Shoreline Bicycle Tours. All proceeds from these tours fund the work that the LMB is doing within the State of Michigan to further bicycle awareness, safety, and education.

2009 Shoreline Tour Schedule:
Pedal and Paddle: June 6 – 7
Sunrise Adventure: June 19 – 21
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: July 18 – 25
23rd West Shoreline Tour: August 2 – 8

Come bicycle in Michigan! We hope to see you!

Join the League of Michigan Bicyclists and save on your ride fee for each of the tours.
Register at www.lmb.org for more information and online registration or call (517) 334-9100/
(888) 642-4537.