Hey there biker friends,

I am posting this as a cry for help. My brother had a bike accident almost 2 months ago, resulting in severe injuries. He was riding his CBR600 RR (withing the legal speed limit) when his front tire exploded, making him crash, breaking both his legs and suffering severe internal injuries. The insurance only covers half the cost of the operation, and with what money we had put together, we are still short. He suggested, and i quote "ask my biker friends for help, I'm sure they'll come through". I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do, but I'm out of options. Follow the link and ONLY if you can spare something please make a donation, every cent counts. If not, I'm sure some kind words will help him make it through much easier.

Donations: http://savemenow.chipin.com/biker-brother-in-need

Cheers, and ride safe.