Lance Armstrong’s first ever Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) is being eagerly awaited by Americans and Italians alike. An American father and daughter team, Gene Nacey and Nina Wilczek are so excited, they have formed a grassroots fund raising ride for the LIVESTRONG foundation called the Giretto or “Little Giro”. They will ride the first 5 stages of the race in their entirety (all 667 km or 415 miles), on the same days as the race proper, just a few hours ahead of Lance and the pros.

They are doing this to raise money for the fight against cancer, and to show that despite overwhelming odds, ordinary people can train hard and live strong. For the opportunistic and dedicated cyclist, this is a chance of a lifetime to ride with Lance, be inspired, and inspire others in the process. This will help set them up for a stronger than ever season of riding and racing.

Riders are being required to pay their own travel expenses and raise a minimum of $1,000 for LIVESTRONG. The ride will be van supported by a bilingual ride coordinator. Transportation, daily massages and all logistics will be handled by Cycling Made In Italy, Viva Travels & Global Ride.

For information on applying as a rider or donating as a sponsor, go to