A little History on my situation and my goal :
My office is competing in a relay-triathlon in two weeks. As an avid cyclist, I have been elected to ride the cycling portion of the triathlon for my team (two other members of my office will run and swim… to round out the 3 events). My boss and the other senior executives at my company are also competing in the race as a 3 man team. My direct report (aka.. my boss) has agreed to be his teams bike rider. And thus the competition begins...

As a new hire I have to prove myself as a worthy adversary … and in the process of this good spirited competition use all of my resources available to help raise money for a very worthy cause.

Fundraising goal:
Each team member has a stretch goal to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I would like to use my goal of beating my boss in this race as an opportunity for everyone out there to vicariously (through me) learn the enjoyment that comes from kicking your boss’s butt at a cycling race and in the process do so to raise money for our events charity.

My appeal:
If you want to help a wonderful organization (St. Jude Children’s Hospital) and a fresh out of college student kick his “senior management boss's” butt at a cycling race at the same time take a look at my donation page and help fund my team’s participation in this triathlon event.

Helping my team and I reach our sponsorship goal will help fund the countless programs that St. Jude maintains which benefit some amazing children. See my links below to learn more.

Thank you for your support. You really can help me and St. Jude make a difference.

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