I think people should realize that business or personal life are separate from donations and charity. There are charity golf events, i mean, who are these people kidding ? Please play golf if you want to, donate of you want to but don't make a huge business and career out of it. I opened a website for donations just for this purpose http://www.slumbeggar.com.

I work full time in Telecoms so i don't expect to earn profits from this thing.

Another strange thing is that people who really need money never get it. Looking at street people in india i realized that indian government and middle class are blind to poor people's hopes and aspirations. Maybe it's same in other countries. The poor are ignored but the way of ignoring them is different. If i look here in Netherlands, the society ignores people who are poor, unsuccessful too rather than ever trying to integrate them. The point is that since Netherands has infrastrcuture and is clean, pollution free country the situation does not seem so desperate. But maybe in minds of these people, Life is not that great.