The tour to Tanglewood has prompted me to return to the great sport of cycling, and me and a few other of my good friends from college are riding it together. I plan on doing the century the first day and am probably just going to do the shorter ride sunday. I am doing this because I have a good friend and a cousin with MS. Both of them have struggled with the diseases physically, mentally, and financially. My friends and I are riding to raise awareness for MS, raise money for research, and have a great weekend and meet some other people involved in a great cause. The ride is the weekend of September 26th in The Wisnton-Salem Greensboro area, and so far there are four of us on our team ( I am the only one registered so far). If anyone would be kind enough to donate to our team, any amount would be appreciated, and of course any amount would help tremendously.

Here is the link to the site, our team name is "WFU", for Wake Forest University. Go to the "donate online" button and it will prompt you for a team name or captain name.


Thank you for you time and generosity.