Reading through my RSS blog reader I came across a friend of a blogger friend who is doing a cool environmentally focused and helping the needy focused ride. Below is her friend's request for sponsors. The ride supports HAZON which is a Jewish Environmental Organization. Even if you're not of this faith, it's a decent cause, so I thought I'd post here.

Over Labor Day weekend, Iím planning to be one of over 200 riders in Hazonís 2009 Jewish Environmental Bike Ride! We will ride 100 miles into Manhattan over two days. I have taken on this challenge to help raise environmental awareness, and to add the Jewish community's voice to calls for environmental responsibility. The money raised from this Ride will be used to support Hazonís year-round work with food in the Jewish community. The funds are also distributed to support innovative environmental projects here and in Israel. You can read more information about where the money will go at

How can you help? Visit this page or just visit the site and donate. It's a cool cause