OK, so here's the deal. I'm a 4 time returning company team captain (Team Bio-Rad Laboratories) for the Seattle Tour de Cure. The current local fundraising challenge is for an XBOX 360 Pro system. The rider who raises the most money by December 31st wins an XBOX 360 Pro.
I already have one, and I don't need another one. So... I offer the possibility of a raffle. If you donate to my TdC fundraising and I win the challenge for an XBOX 360 Pro, I'm going to raffle it off to one of my lucky donors. There is no guarantee of a prize... or even a prize drawing. Be certain of that. This is a fundraising challenge, and the possibility exists that someone else may raise more money than me.
However, I am currently $275 ahead of the next nearest fundraiser, so the possibility of me winning and raffling the game system are high.
The more people you pass this notice on to, the more likely I am to win the challenge... So pass the word around.

Full details are available on my blog, "Permanent Clydesdale". (It's also linked in my sig file, below.)