In 2003 my friend Simeon Smith was hit by a car while riding to work as a bike messenger in Atlanta, GA. He lost about half of his teeth and the doctors removed his spleen as well as many other broken bones and cuts and bruises. Due to his lack of spleen now he has contracted strep pnemonia and has been hospitalized for the last two and a half months. Without a spleen the infection spread through his weakened immune system. Now because of the infection and the poor circulation caused by his high fever he has had his right leg amputated as well as most of the toes on his left foot. He's taking it all like a champ and dealing with it better than I could ever imagine if I were in his position. At this point he just wants to get out and be able to spend time with his two young daughters again who have had restricted visits with their father throughout it all. You could imagine after all that time in the hospital the bills are really piling up and now we're trying to raise a little money to help out his family with a race. We're collecting prizes but it never feels like enough when your friends in need. If anyone wants to donate something for a prize at the finish of the race please contact me or if you might be in Atlanta for thanksgiving weekend please stop by.