Dear Cycle friend we are 1 midwife, 1musician/playbacktheatre actor & 1 child and go cycling. On our adventure we give music therapy to dissabled human beings(at this moment i give music lessons on the hague holland music school to 50 dissabled human beings for 10 over years) and my wife as a midwife wants to help/educate/develop midwives to help to stop motherbirth as an millenium goal for 2015.

We do this on the flow so we don't gonna behave as superior emergency people but when we meet the people who we can help and if they are open for it we will do this.

for the music examples i play an ufo shaped fingersteeldrum,mouthharp, and beatbox/overtonesinging, check

If you like to help us to do this or you have ideas, please let us know.

Thanx for your time,inspiration & energy

Happy Cycling

David,Amira & Salome