Hi everybody,

As you may know from some of my other posts, I am planning a ride cross-country this summer to raise money for Austism Speaks and the Nation Down Syndrome Society. The ride will take me from the West Coast (starting location undetermined) to New Hampshire.

One of the biggest obstacles I am running into is that of hotels.

I personally don't enjoy camping, I will sleep in a tent if I have to but it is by no means my favorite activity. I enjoy the luxury of a bed and shower. So I have been contacting various hotel chains asking for rooms to stay on my trip. However, they have all told me that the hotels are individually owned so I would need to ask each individual hotel. This is very time consuming and I am running out of time.

So, my question for someone who has done this before: What is the best strategy to obtain rooms for the night? Are there owners who own many hotels, and can then provide lodging in each of those? How willing in general (maybe a percentage?) are hotels to provide rooms for people on charity rides?

Another problem is food. It is expensive, some people I am talking to estimate I will need 6000 calories a day. So I need nutritious food and energy drinks. Are there any companies you know of that are willing to sponsor charity rides? I was thinking maybe smaller brands looking to get recognition, what do you think? I know in the end I will probably be eating oatmeal and sandwiches a lot, but any food matters a lot.

Thanks for all the help!