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    A Little Help For a Big Fundraiser?

    Hi Everyone,

    My brother Reid and I will be leaving to ride our bicycles across the continental United States one month from now! We'll be riding from Pacific to Atlantic, in an effort to raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital. The staff of this hospital saved my life some four and a half years ago, when I contracted meningoencephalitis. In all, I spent ten days in the hospital, nine days of which in the ICU, and the first three in a coma. Thanks to Phoenix Children's Hospital, I somehow emerged from this mess of grand mal seizures, a stroke, and a coma alive.

    So this summer Reid and I will be riding from the Oregon coast to the Virgina coast, via the TransAmerica Trail. We hope to raise $10 per mile of riding and with the TransAm being officially 4,233 miles long, our goal is set at raising $42,330 for Phoenix Children's Hospital. We have quite a bit in the works with 2 news segments soon to air and a few articles in various Arizona publications on the way.

    We want to bring in as much money for Phoenix Children's Hospital as we can and we were hoping all of you experienced cyclists that help others on this forum could help spread the word. Does anyone have connections with any publications, news, or other types of media in which to help spread the word? Could you pass it along to some riding buddies who might find our cause and means of raising support for it particularly interesting? Anything to help support the hospital that saved my life and countless others.

    If you would like a bit more ride information check out these links to various ride and fundraising pages:

    Donation Page:

    Promotion Video:

    Facebook Page:

    Ride Blog:

    Thanks for all your help!

    Ethan Maurice

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    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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    I hope you realize that McKenzie Pass will almost certainly still be closed. Also, you could have some seriously wet/snowy and cold weather in ID/MT. Rode a couple of days of the TransAm south of Missoula a few years ago. Snow showers were forecast for some areas the week before we arrived. 1.5" of cold rain in Darby the day we arrived. Chilly and wet in Missoula. Had a couple of nights at 40 degrees. That was the last few days of June. Pack appropriately.

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