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    First Century - American Heart Association Fundraiser!

    Hi all...just wanted to post that I plan to do my very first full century this weekend. I have done many metrics, but never a full English century. I turn 50 in about a week, so I thought that the best way to celebrate would be to do 2 miles for every year I have been alive! I have 3 friends that are doing it with me as well.

    The route is quite simple...Chief Ladiga Trail (Alabama) to Silver Comet Trail (Georgia)...with a "loop de loop" in the middle to assure adequate mileage.

    Also, I have turned this into a fundraising ride for the American Heart Association...if you are can hop over to my Facebook page dedicated to this ride...

    Also...I (or my wife) will be posting pictures and updates on that site as the ride progresses!
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    have a good time

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