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    Crowdfunding to a 'cargo bike race' in Rio de Janeiro. -- Please take time to read.

    Hi there,

    I'm a side member of a NGO with focus on bicycle mobility.
    They created a campaign to get funds to make a 'cargo bike race' here in Rio de Janeiro.

    What we are planning for Rio de Janeiro will be a version of the original svajerløb cargo bike races held from 1942-1960 in Copenhagen. In 1942 a priest, Kristian Skjerring, decided to do something for the social inclusion of the men and boys from the poor neighbourhoods who were the backbone of transporting goods in the city on their armada of cargo bikes. They were invisible in the social hierarchy of the city and he thought they needed some respect. He organised the races on Grønttorvet - now Israel's Square - and the event became incredibly popular for the citizens of the city. The funds raised were used to send the boys to a summer camp on the coast.

    Social inclusion at its best.

    Here is the crowdfunding page:
    Here is the project page:

    Here is the detailed page about cargo bikes here:

    thanks in advance,
    Marcelo Oliveira.

    If this thread is inappropriate, please delete/hide it, just don't ban me I love this forum.
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