i'm Lucas from JunaProject... we are from Switzerland and just wanted to introduce you to our project/experiment... we are always looking for donations or sponors if you want to support us.

The idea is to pass on 3 bicycles from friend to friend, highlighting the principle of sharing in general, and letting them travel around the world. We will start this on may 2014, from Switzerland.

It will be a different way to travel and see the world. We will start as explorers, however we will leave our three beautiful bikes to other people, who will continue the journey living this experience.

One of the goals of the JunaProject is to have fun with the bicycles... We want to laugh and to interact with people in an amusing way!
For this reason, we have thought up 100 special missions to be carried out during the bike's trip. Every rider has the opportunity to choose one of the many missions available.

Here are just a couple of messages that we would like to convey through JunaProject:
  • promote the use of bicycles
  • promote healthy living and physical activity
  • promote sustainable transport
  • foster friendship, trust and relationships between people
  • foster the concept of sharing in general
  • have fun, not only with bikes but in life in general
  • dream big!

Our final goal:
100 Missions = 100 Bicycles for 100 Children
After the 100 missions have been completed, or at the end of this project, we will donate 100 bicycles to 100 children, who walk from home to school every day.

I think, I have written too much... here the link to our page:


Have fun!