So I was a mechanic and serious cyclist up until about 10 years ago when I just stopped altogether. My brother asked me earlier this year to be on his team for the Great Maine Getaway Bike MS ride, and that was right after I learned a friend had been diagnosed. So I said yes, pulled the old Bianchi out of the barn, gave it a tune, and started riding. On Saturday and Sunday we're doing 50 miles each day -- and I have to say, I've fallen back in love with this sport! I'm riding about 5 days a week now, generally 20 milers on the weeknights and 50+ rides on the weekends. Been a great thing for me to rediscover cycling and all that's great about it. I didn't know this forum existed until a few minutes ago, and so I thought I'd just put it out there that I'm riding and appreciate any support you might offer, even if it's just silent encouragement to an old guy getting back in the saddle!

Maine - Bike MS: Great Maine Getaway 2014: Mr. Josh Larkin - National MS Society