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    Organizing a ride

    Good morning and Happy New Year!

    A friend of mine, who owns a local coffee shop/cafe that is popular with the local cycling groups, and I want to organize a charity ride. We have a few questions and hope they can be answered here.

    --Legality/liability regarding injury along the course. What would our liability be?

    --Proof of money getting to the charity. What's the best way to prove this?

    --Route distance/terrain. What are good mileages/terrain types?

    I think that is it. If anyone has any suggestions, please chime in!

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    Hi Rob,
    I'll have to reply to this in length after tomorrow (our Polar Bear).
    One thing you should ask is, do I REALLY want to do this for a Charity, or do I REALLY want to do this for reason X (e.g. bike club, advertising for the coffee shop, etc), and I'm using the charity to get people out.

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