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    1982 Bianchi Nuova Racing v.12

    I'm the original owner of this bike and just stumbled on this forum. I bought the bike in 82 and rode it for about 4 years in prep for a triathalons....which I lost interest in. After that, the bike basically sat inside my house. That's right, it hasn't been ridden in probably 15-20yrs. It is entirely original right down to the handle bar tape except for tires which were replaced w/Continentals in the early 90's. I would say it is in excellent shape, if not pristine (there are a few small chip marks/small scuffs here and there in the paint.) Curious if any of you can give me an estimated value? Thanks. Here are the specs.

    Celeste Green, made in Italy
    Ofmega crank/pedals and straps
    Campy Nuovo Record F/R derailleurs
    Universal 77 brakes
    3TTT seat/headset
    Mavic rims

    I also still have orginal Bianchi Celeste tire pump which compresses to fit on downtube. I may still have the orginal Celeste Green water bottle that was purchased w/the bike as well, I'll have to look.

    thanks again.

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    As a complete bike $300-350 if its rust free. If it were full Campy Nuovo Record maybe a little more. Unfortunately there're alot of similarly equipted bikes out there.

    One of the main drawbacks to your bike is the lack of a uniform component group. I recently passed on a similar Bianchi constructed with Bianchi branded Columbus tubing and a full Ofmega component group for $200. The guy was a little ticked that I declined it, he felt slightly insulted that I felt it wasnt worth $200. I assured him it was worth $200 and he'd quickly sell it.....which he did the next day.
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