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    AMF Roadmaster Voyager - what's it worth?

    I picked up this amf roadmaster voyager at a garage sale today for $20. It's in good condition minus a few bumps and scratches along the fenders. There is practically no rust, the chain and cranks are in great condition. I bought it based on the color scheme but then began to gain interest in it. It's 3-speed and has an interesting gear changer (pictured below) and the measurement of the seat tube is 20". There is a small sticker on the seat tube that says amf l.r. ark which I looked up on wikipedia and found stands for amf little rock, arkansas which is where the company originally was between 1950 and 1962, when they put out a line of roadmaster bicycles. You can read the article here: (see the 'BICYCLE PRODUCTION' section.)
    Just wondering how much ya'll thought it was worth or if anyone had extra info about it. I'm really curious.
    Here's a picture of it in my apartment...

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    $20 to $40 in my area. Maybe $50 if you can find the right person.

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