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Thread: 1986 Puch 190

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    1986 Puch 190

    I have recently obtained a 1986 Puch 190 from a family member. The bike is in mint condition with the exception of needing new tires.

    I have looked around online a great deal and so far have only been able to find the catalog page here (same color and condition of the 190 pictured)

    (Update) Here is the spec sheet from the same catalog

    Does anyone have any experience with this bike? Is it worthwhile keeping original and selling? What is it worth?

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    Its a good lower end road bike. You have to read between the lines on the brochure. "The 190 is a competitively priced bicycle, with many of the same features .. as more expensive models". Pretty much all of the Suntour components are good, Vx is closer to the bottom than the top.

    In pristine, ready to ride condition, $175 around here. If you shop carefully, you can get tires for around $8 each. People looking at bikes want them ride ready, rotten tires could knockoff $75 off that estimate!

    Bolted rear axle and turkey levers are signs of lower end bike, the rest of the specs look pretty good! Buyers in the $175 range around here don't mind those two shortcomings.

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    I just found the same bike in excellent condition in the garbage (sad, I know). Any idea where I can purchase new tires and a new front rim (it was missing - the garbage man beat me to the cans, but they lazily left the bike)? The materials don't have to be original. I just want to ride the thing? From your discussion above, I see the measurements on the rims and tires in the spec sheet. Is that all I need? (yes, I'm a novice at all this).
    Thank you.

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