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    Cinelli Centurion? What is it worth? All Italian components.

    Just curious if you guys have a ballpark estimate of the value of this bike. I bought it yesterday for $60 out of an old mans back yard. My LBC liked it but they didn't say a number. I think they were planning on trying to lowball me. Miche hubs, mistral crankset, ofmas headset, campy nuovo record derailleurs, cinelli bars and stem, cinelli lugged frame with pantographs. Any input is welcome and wanted. Thanks - Wes

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    Suggest this be moved to valuation subforum. I am sure you will get some feedback. Note to OP, when talking to LBS and others about value, it is better to not mention the price you paid. Many will assume that you will share your good fortune. It happens to me a lot. Anymore I just use the terms "typical thrift store price" or "typical garage sale price".

    What you paid should have no bearing on value.

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    He's right. I'm looking for one. I'd raise you $30 if it's a 56 cm.... just joking. It is, in fact, a bike frame whose manufacture was under Cinelli guidance, in Italy, but there is no information beyond that, as Mr. Cinelli sold the firm to Columbus in 1984 and won't say where the frames were made. it is a fine Columbus SL frame, unless it's large, then some of the tubing is a little different.

    The mix of components hurts the quality, performance, and ride not a bit, but kept the price down and kept it from direct comparisons to the Super Corsa.

    Yours is rough, should fetch $300-$350 anyway. There has been a lot written here about them.

    The only Centurion part is the phugly lavender decals, and the import decal under the bb, which will only have the frame size stamped into it..

    Parting out the bike and upgrading components onto that frame has been the latest trend (me included). The frame is well worth refinishing and period decals are available. OEM decals are not and will not likely be made, unless you hire someone to do it.

    The Campy NR shifters, FD, and RD will sell well on their own, the Ofmega Mistral bb, crankset, and headset are excellent quality, just won't fetch Campy money. The Cinelli bar and stem are simply, Cinelli, and enough said there. The original wheels were tubulars, which this forum is friendly to, no doubt. Hubs are excellent Campy Record and the freewheel should be Regina, but is interchangeable with Shimano 600, which I did and it shifts smoother that way.

    Brakes are very nice Universal AER levers and calipers. Their quality easily rivals the Campy of the era, but they are a little heavier and pretty much require pads of the era.

    There is a seller in Virginia who has a bunch, and has both the intention and patience to charge $700 to $1100 for them, basically premium prices. I'm not sure if he gets them or not, don't visit his site, but he's got more than the rest of us, combined.

    The main factor is the frame and its size, in my opinion. It is wonderful, and the fork is fully polished chrome under that paint. The bike tracks like it's on rails, and of three separate bikes I had at one time, the Equipe was solidly between a Pinarello Montello and a Centurion Ironman in how it rode. It was 1/3 the price of the Montello, and about 1/5 more than the Ironman.

    So few come up that are genuine. If you're looking to ride it, it's worth significant cost to make right (I'll have 1100 in mine by the time it's ready, and be worth it). If you're looking to sell it, part it out for maximum return, probably $400 or more. If you're just looking to flip it, condition means everything, so it could go from $200 to $350 or more.

    Nah, I don't know much about it...and forgive the grammar. A. Winthrop may read this, and he'll notice.

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    The frame size will be stamped on the bottom bracket. If it's 60, I might be interested...

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