I recently bought this beautiful Italian for a song. Unfortunately someone had left it outside for a bit. The chrome has rust spots here and there and the lettering is peeling (which I see is common regardless of weathering). The paint is actually good save a spot inside the chain stays where there was tire rub prior to the exposure. It has full Campy Athena 8 speed except for the FD which was changed at some point to Record. Athena hubs laced to Campy Omega 19 silver rims. Its my size, and it is probably (definitely) the nicest bike I have had.

What's it worth?
If I keep it should I rechrome and respray?

I thought of giving her the oxalic treatment to remove the rust, waxing her up, and calling it a day, but she just looks too nice! Thanks for the help!!

Not mine, but identical model (save the upgraded ergos):