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    quickrun cycles...anyone? Help the newbie

    I am not a cyclist nor an enthusiast I am an ignorant newbie who is stuck and would love some help. I have been searching for a restoration project for myself and finally found "my bike". My problem? I can't find any information on this bike. The brand is Quickrun cycles, made in Holland. It has a gold emblem with Apeldoorn and Nedrland (there could be a missing letter between the d and r) on the rear fender. It also has a bike permit sticker issued from lake ST. Claire MI from '61 but the permit number is gone (closing that door). The quickrun decal is painted on and is located on the face of the frame and runs down both sides of the frame. It looks to be all original parts except for the "newer" seat cover which is a mongoose brand by bmx with a metal tag on the rear of the seat. What other details can I give that would help in dating this bike or locating parts if needed? If anyone can help, even other reference suggestions I'd be ever so grateful. Thank You.

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    Start by posting pictures. Use Flickr or a similar free site to host them. Use the search function on this site, be sure to check the box "sort by relevance".

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