I have been looking at these postings for a long while now but this is my first post.

I originally posted in the touring forum but got a response that recommended here as a better spot to get a solid answer.

I am considering purchasing an Austro Daimler SLE frame for $100, for a second bike. I currently ride a Univega Gran Turismo and absolutely love the ride and feel of the frame. I was wondering if anyone could comment on the geometry of the SLE frame. I am not concerned with speed as much as comfort and feeling.

Does anyone know if this frame would make a tourer? Is the geometry relaxed? Long chainstays? I know it is without brazons, I am assuming a rear deraileur hanger is there though (on all years of production)? Did all years of production have brazons for fenders on the fork and frame?

It has been described as a fast tourer or intermediate racer? can anyone elaborate on that

Any immediate responses would be very appreciated.

thank you!