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    Nishiki Olympia Unkown Age & Value

    I'm helping a family of a friend sell their bike locally, which I don't have in my possession at this time of this posting (but can inquire for information if needed upon any of the members questions). I took several pictures, which should show below. To me, it appears to be in good condition considering it's pre-90's (I'm figuring it to be pre-90's).

    They're hoping $150, though I told them that perhaps they can get $75.

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    In good, ready to ride condition, I could get $175 for that bike. It is a true mixte (read the mixte thread). Nishiki is a well respected brand. If it needs work, could probably still get $125 for it.

    Looks like an early 1980s to me, easy to figure out by looking up the component codes at the vintage trek site.

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