So I have this wheel I totally forgot about here are the details I know

Sansin Gyro Master Hub
Wheelsmith Spokes
15/16 DB Spoke on Drive Side
15 Straight on Non-Drive
Campy Rim (no other labeling seen)
Regina Extra America Straight Block 7 sp 12/13/14/15/16/17/18

I bought the wheel with a road bike (trainer) back in the mid-90's. I am guessing this is late 80's stuff. I never rode this much as I lived in NM at the time and the climbs around there had me prefer the higher tooth spread I had on another wheel. I maybe put 100 miles on it, but by looking at the braking surface it had a bit more on it before me. It hasn't seen a mile in over 10 years.

So whats is worth? TIA