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    st-6400 with rd-7402?

    I have seen, archived on bike forum, that the 600 Ultegra 8 sp sti (st-6400) will work with a Dura Ace rd-7402. The cited document was the 2003 Shimano compatibility chart. I have not been able to confirm this nor have I been able to find the '03 chart. Can someone help me confirm this? 8 speed STI prices are out of hand. I just cannot justify the $200-$400 that people seem to be getting for unabused levers. I am looking to set up my Klein Performance touring bike with periodish correct sti. The bike is set up with DA 7400 parts. I replaced the rd-7400 with a rd-7402 already. I am running a mt-7400 7 speed freewheel; I did not have the opportunity to go with 8 speed because the frame is aluminum and spaced 126mm in the rear, so respacing for 130 seemed too dangerous to me.

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    I'm working on a 126mm 8/9-speed fix....stay tuned. Until then its a crap shoot. Some members have had success mix-n-matching 600 Ultegra with Dura Ace while some have not.

    Any of the all metal STI levers are decent levers. RSX, 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace are all decent.
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