Hi folks.

I picked up a Peugeot the other day but decided to get rid of it in favor of something with standard threading on the BB. I think I've identified the bike as a 1978 Peugeot PX 8 L "Sport Grand Luxe". The head-badge and seat-tube decal narrow it down to 1975-1979, and the down-tube decal narrows it further to 1978-1979. The 1978 catalog shows a PX 8 L with the same decals, lights, and rack. The serial number and frame pump hooks also add some lesser confirmation.

Any thoughts on how much I should ask for it, fully cleaned and tuned? It has original fenders, generator (which I believe works), rear light, and suicide brakes. It is missing the front light and frame pump and the quality of the bottom bracket is functional but questionable. I'm removing all rust and will replace any stripped / rusted bolts. I'm also going to clean the chainrings and cogs and install a new chain, as well as rewrap the bars and re-upholster the seat. I'll give it a good wash/wax when I'm done for the "ooh shiny" factor. In addition it has a lot of nostalgia in touring stickers from around Europe.

I paid $100 for it: it looked a lot nicer in the guy's garage at night, and I don't know my bikes very well; turns out it needed more work than I thought, but whatever, it's a learning experience. I'd like to make a profit; I was thinking about asking $200 OBO? The vintage bike market here is.. unpredictable. I bought a 1968 Raleigh in great condition with Nervex lugs for $120; on the other hand, Schwinn Varsities routinely sell for upwards of $100.

Any input is appreciated!