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    Schwinn Paramount PDG Series 9c

    I own a Schwinn Paramount PDG Series 9c that is in very good shape. The 1992 carbon fiber model. I have read all the history on this bike that I could find, but haven't found a hint at the value. I'm curious as to how much it could be worth.

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    Could be as hight as $600-$650.

    Paramount is a sought-after bike, has a popular brand appeal.
    Generally, excellent components.
    With a view towards quality, the bike should be well-made.

    Older Paramounts with Nervex lugs command a premium over the newer ones.
    Many of the PDG series fans are such because of the steel frames.
    Older CF bikes tend to generate apprehension in buyers.

    In general, what you have is a 1992 STI/Ergo equipped bike, which should be 8-sp and have good components. Depending on your market area, these go from $350 to $550. There are a lot of aluminum models in the later '90's that will sell for the same price.

    Specifically, yours should have better than the Tiagra/Sora/105 level components that a lot of those aluminum bikes have, so that's a plus. It's a Paramount, and that's a plus. It's older carbon fiber, and that market niche is small, as there exists a market apprehension about the ability of the frames to hold up.

    In my opinion, the Paramount name, component quality, and uniqueness of the bike would tend it towards the higher end of the range I offered before, maybe higher with the right buyer.

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    The Series 9C was built by Kestrel, which at the time was partially owned by Schwinn. Because it's an early example of a CF frame built by such a well known builder, it may have some value as an artifact to serious collectors.
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