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    Raleigh Expert needed: 1982 Competition GS Campy

    I just bought a (I was told) 1981 Competition GS (may be an 80'??) with Campagnolo parts from head to toe almost. I am researching further into that. The websites I go to have a pretty set way of decoding the Serial numbers.
    My number does not match that system so I have questions and a theory.

    I've got about $135.00 in her plus $20.00 in gas. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!

    Can you decode my sn? SN - N1C6318

    The C doesnt fit in that spot according to what I've read. Could it stand for designating Campy parts? Just a thought since it didn't match.

    She is Silver with Maroon pinstriping, lettering, etc.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Campy parts:
    Races: Campy
    Cranks set: Campy
    Pedals: Gran Sport
    Shifters: Campy
    Front and Rear Derailluers: Nuevo
    Seat tube: Campy
    Hubs: Campy
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    I do not know exactly what year it is, but I remember the bike. Gran Sport stuff was OK. The crank and rear derailleur are the weakest points. Definitely worth your investment.

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