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    1986 Bianchi Volpe

    Hi All,

    I have a Bianchi Volpe that I have uncovered is a 1986 with the color being defined as Sizzling Peach. It has Suntour FD and RD, Shimano BE Shifters and Canti Brakes and a Sakae FX Crank.

    I was hoping to give to my sister but it looks like she does not fit. Anybody have any idea as to how much this pretty thing would fetch? I would keep it for myself but my girlfriend thinks its too girly....

    Thanks for any thoughts/help!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ballsinva View Post
    I was hoping to give to my sister but it looks like she does not fit......
    Yep, can't be the bike's fault. In Europe, when you try on clothes, it's the customer who is the wrong size, not the clothes.

    I imagine they feel that way about bikes, too.

    A lot of women would love to have a Bianchi.
    I've thought about buying a celeste wardrobe...
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    your selling that? hhmmm.....
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    Where are you located?
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    What size is it?
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