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    Old Raleigh Superbe.


    I found this beautiful bike on gumtree for 35 pounds a few months ago. I think it's a 1950's Raleigh Superbe. It has an old wrights saddle and everything (including the dynamo) works. Everything is original I think apart from the handle grips (horrible... they need to be replaced with leather grips, which I will do) the tyres and inner tubes, and possibly the saddle. Could you tell me how much it's worth?


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    Well, your bike has most of the desirable features of the Raleigh superbes. The full chain case, rod brakes and leather saddle usually bring the price up a good bit. The only thing I see that might be missing is a dry battery unit for the headlamp, I don't know if this should have a front dynohub.

    Anyway, 3 speed prices are all over the map. I think you could get 250 in it's current condition and possibly as much as 500 if it were properly tuned and cleaned. Some of these turn into real bidding wars on ebay and yours is one of the more desirable ones.
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