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    Which Croce D'aune model are they? Dating 32 -> 42

    Hi to everybody!
    It's my firt message in this forum and in this area.
    I want start immediatly to tell you this question:

    I have 2 pair of Croce D'aune hubs, but they have different packaging.
    One pair have the principal lines in green, and the other pair have this lines blue.
    I think that it change the dating.
    They are both 36 and 6 speed.

    The pair in a green packaging have the closed as the c-record(with the ring), and the pair in a blue packaging have the normal croce d'aune closed.
    The pair in a green packaging have written: CAMP SU 32
    The pair in a blue packaging have written: CAMP SU 42

    I ask you, which is the different beetwen this 2 kind of hubs?
    Only the dating?

    PS: I hope you to don't write me with a complicated spelling english.I understand scholastic engli*****humb:

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    I am not sure what you are talking about. I do not think there was more than one Model of Croce D'Aune. can you post pics of the boxes? is one a white box with green graphics and the other silver with blue?
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    I don't think there was much, if any difference in the actual part. I've seen the RD's in different boxes, both Croce's.

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    Ciao Skuski,

    Is there any way you can include some pictures?
    I think Bianchigirll is correct in that you're asking about the boxes?

    Where in Italy are you?

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