Dear All,

I was poking about in the local bike classifieds ( and I noticed an older bike that may be of some interest because of the components.

Here are the seller's pictures.

I spotted the Shimano and arrow logo on the RD and I think it is also on the crank. From my lurking here in C&V I think this is reasonably desirable, possibly more so if this bike has a full matching group.

It is for sale in Hong Kong for HKD$1000 (about US$130).

I don't personally need it, but I thought that someone here in C&V might be interested in the components (or the frame, but that might be costly to ship).

Does anyone want me to look into it for them? You pay cost of bike, postage and a very modest handling fee to make it worth my while (and I may have expenses to get a train or cab to get the bike).

Let me know.