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    Vintage Shogun 200

    So why not post all my bikes I don't know value/ years of? I got this shogun 200 a few years ago, during an apartment bike removal job, and its now my go-to bike when I need one for a vintage event. Despite it being just normal high tensile steel (as stated by a decal), and an entry level model, all my bike friends, hipster (yes they let me call them that) or not, envy this bike. I hate having it my shop because I can't hide it and its not for sale, but people always try to buy it. I don't have a picture of mine but here is someone else's.

    there are a few light scratches on the stays but nothing that goes through the primer.

    So what year is it? I know its value is probably really low but what would you price it at?

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    The best I could do around here on a bike of that caliber is $100. Since you have hipsters that want it, you can probably do better.

    Best way to date a bike like that one is to look up the component codes. You can find that info at the vintage Trek site.

    If it has alloy rims, it would be worth a tad more.

    Hipsters like the old lugged steel bikes, and tend to overlook shortcomings. In my area, bikes like this one end up becoming SS/FG.

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    Components? Serial number? Pending this info, my guess is early to mid-1980s.

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