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Thread: Btrtand SLX

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    Btrtand SLX

    A local guy is considering selling his Bertrand . The frame is Columbus SLX with Cinelli BB shell and Campagnolo dropouts. It's a Campagolo Victory group but the rear derailleur and shifters were upgraded to Dura-Ace, 7 speed SIS. The brake levers were upgraded to 105. The bars are Cinelli 66 with a 1R stem . Rims are mismatched Mavic MA40 and 192. The saddle is a generic, anatomical, padded model, while the pedals are cheap Wellgo.

    The appearnace of the frame is rough from travelling on a trunk carrier. There’s lots of mismatched paint touch-up and untreated chipping. However, the frame rides fine and there are no dents, dings or signs of a crash.

    The components are in good condition both visually and mechanically. All bearings are very smooth. Chain, rings and cogs are all in very good condition, with plenty of life left.

    Basically, it could use a complete repaint and new tape, saddle and pedals but it is SLX and the components are all decent and in good condition. How much is this thing worth?
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    Are you located in Canada? Hard to see these outside Canada. I think that any structurally sound SLX frame is work at least $150 add about $150-200 for the components, and I'd say that it is worth around $300-350 or so, a good $200 off a similar condition late 80s/early 90s (the internally routed brake cable dates this) Italian bike.

    still stuck in the '80s; '70s were good as well, but i severely dislike tubulars.
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    Just assume a proper repaint and rebadging is going to cost you $300 or so by the time you are done. Adjust the price according, and you will have a nice bike!

    Frankenbike components are a serious negative. Value it at the frameset, plus something for the odd parts and you are there.

    I would be much more interested if either the parts all matched, or the paint was good, or I already had the drivetrain and components needed. Then the parts on the bike would help pay for the repaint.

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