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Thread: Mercian

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    I have a late 70's Mercian built for touring for me by The Spoke in Boulder, CO.
    531, Campy hubs, Suntour brakes, derailleurs, Stronglight cranks.
    Rides great, paint is faded and checked.
    I am setting off on a world tour and would like to sell the Mercian. What might it be worth?
    Thanks, Jim

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    Hi Jim,

    Photos are definitely necessary for a valuation. Mercians can go for anywhere from $250 to $2000, depending on model, components, size, condition, location, color, etc.

    An ornate Vincitore model will be on the high end, while mid range models (they didn't make any poor ones) with plain lugs and less desirable components will go in the $250-500 range.

    Photos are definitely needed!

    I'll be bringing back a 1962 King of Mercia from England in May. Can't wait!
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