I've got a wheelset with what appear to be Mavic Module E (Red Label) 27" 36h rims laced to Campy Record high flange hubs. They have bead hooks, match up to the visuals on Velobase, but lack the Module E sticker, just have the red label.

This is a very frequent rider bike and may end up being my only bike in Japan.

I'm trying to simplify my life by having only 700c wheelsets on rider bikes (mine and my wife's), so I'm thinking of relacing the hubs to something else.

One of the things that will help inform this decision is if there is any salvage value in the rims, i.e, is it likely to be something I could sell, whether on ebay/CL (DC area) or wherever. The rims themselves are in quite nice condition, shiny, etc.

I've never bought or sold used rims and I suspect that generally this isn't something that garners much interest, but one never knows.

Another option is just selling the entire wheelset, so any ideas what this as a wheelset would bring? The hubs are in outstanding condition, have the coveted straight QR levers.