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    Need help to identify a bicycle. . .mystery.

    I have a 68 cm bicycle that is steel framed and has japanese components on it. It has a company label screwed onto the front tube that says... "Cycles". . .the label has sort of sideways swooshes in black red and orange. I cannot find anything online that explains this company. Needing help. Looks like it's built in 80's.

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    Post a better picture, with close up of components. Note that a lot of department store bikes had Japanese components on them, were made my any number of low end bike companies, and then private labeled with whatever store might have sold the bikes to the public. So a lot of the "brands" on bikes are not bicycle companies at all, but instead are store names. No one to my knowledge tracks these private labeled bike brands, as there were thousands of them, and the bikes were pretty low end.

    How many speeds? Most of the store brands were in the 1970s.

    Look up the component codes at the vintage trek site to date the bike.
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