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    Campagnolo Stratos 8 speed group

    I am completely clueless when it comes to Campy Ergo values. Anyway, a early 90s Giant Cadex is available to me and it has a Campy Stratos 8 speed group. I think the group was bottom end for Campy and the seller wants 200.00. Are ergo prices high enough to justify buying the bike? The frame is early carbon and way way too small for me.

    The parts show very little if any wear on them.
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    Stratos was under Veloce, Athena, Chorus and Record (worse to best order.) Veloce 8sp ergos usually top at $50 on ebay so I am not sure what the Stratos would go for. That said, here are the specs of the 1994 Giant Cadex (which is probably what you have, since it was produced only 2 years and the '93 model had 105SC components). $200 is a good price for a rider and you could make some $ either by flipping it or by parting it out (esp. if it still has the Concor saddle in good shape and the TTT bars)

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