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    Help , what Bridgestone is this?


    I recently bought a bridgestone frame at a yard sale. It was completely painted over except for one decal on the chain stay that said bridgestone. A small amount of the blue electric metallic paint still exists on the chain stay as well. It has double water bottle mounts, down tube shifter mounts, brake cable holders, fender brazeons, derailleur hanger, derailleur cable guides on bottom of bottom bracket shell, as well as horizontal suntour forged dropouts (no adjusters). No other identifying marks are present.

    Any help identifying this frame will be greatly appreciated. I want to find out if it is something worthwhile to refurbish and ride.

    thank you in advance.
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    Weigh it is your best bet. DT shifter mounts and double water bottle mounts are both a good sign, as are the forged dropouts. All signs that it is not bottom end. Most serial numbers are just about worthless. Maybe someone can decode it.

    Refurbishment is really based on whether you have the parts in hand to complete. Otherwise, you will probably exceed the value of the bike, particularly since the paint is messed up.

    You need to post pictures if you want more information.

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