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Thread: !985 Trek 770

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    !985 Trek 770

    I have a chance to buy a 1985 trek 770 in good condition.All original except rims.Original flaming pink paint in good shape.Anyone with experience with this bike and how high is a fair price?I'm getting seduced!Ready to sell the houise!!

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    All original? Hot pink?
    A lot of the value depends on the condition, but this bike (if indeed a 1985 Trek 770) Is full 531c (including fork and stays) and had Campy Super Record components. $400 or so the floor and the ceiling depends on the condition and the location. I can see a ready to ride example with very limited scratching on the frame with the original Campy components and tubular tires bringing 4 figures in the right market.

    still stuck in the '80s; '70s were good as well, but i severely dislike tubulars.
    I tri...

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