So the other day I was offered a dura ace group from the early 80's. I had to pass it up for money issues but it got me thinking. It seems like some older parts were produced in smaller numbers and more specialized. I can think of a bunch of components I have seen on CL or ebay which were ridiculously expensive. But as I think about parts that are made now, it seems to differ. The only thing I can think of in recent years is the Utegra SL line that may be worth money down the road.

I mean things are becoming more standardized right? It seemed like bikes that were deemed "signature bikes" had all there parts stamped with that name on them. Other day I was looking at a schwinn superstock brian foster edition (yeah i know bmx, whatever.) As far as I could tell it had his name slapped on the frame and just upgraded components. I have a superstock 2 it is a nice bike that hangs from my ceiling.

Or am I just completely wrong and what I said above is very silly?

Otherwise I will go and try to complete my partial ultegra sl set.