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    Peugeot Sports 12

    I was wondering if anyone could discern whether or not this is an actual Peugeot frame, and whether or not its worth anything? I was getting ready to sell it, and would like some guidance price-wise, after seeing some similar bikes posted and reading what others had to say I began to wonder whether the road bike I've thought was a Peugeot for years is actually an impostor.

    The frame itself labeled a Sports 12, CP 12. The front of the bike has a Peugeot logo which reads 'Peugeot', and underneath the lion the word 'approved'. I found a serial number on the bottom of the frame which reads CC 105933. There's also a small sticker on the bottom of the frame near the crank which reads 'Japan'. I've noticed that the brakes read Suntour 7GT and I see the label Takagi Japan in places on the brakes and pedals.

    Knowing the bike needs some cleaning up and a new set of brakes, I was thinking of selling it between $75 and $100, but now that I'm unsure of whether it is a Peugeot frame I'm wondering if that's an unfair price?

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Typical low end relabel of a Japanese bike. I would be happy to get $75 for that bike in present condition. I would have no problems calling it a "Peugeot". There are several Schwinns out there made by others, I have a Panasonic Schwinn myself. Some brand names didn't make a single bike: Lotus and Univega are two that come to mind. As a low end bike, I see advantages of it being Japanese, mainly, no french threading to worry about, everything is pretty compatible with what is out there as far as parts.

    Small size is a big plus. So maybe you can get $75 for it. Good luck!

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