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    Gitane tour de france or Raleigh Gran sport?

    Hi, I am getting ready to mod out a vintage bicycle, but am confused on what exactly I have.
    The decals on the bike tells me that it is a Gitane 1971 tour de France bike. The simplex derailleur and parts tells me that it is most likely TDF. However, I have not seen the fork crown in the 1971 models anywhere. Is this a super corsa?

    I looked up this particular fork crown and found bikes called Ralein Gran sport, which looks exactly like this. What kind of frankenstein am I dealing with here?

    Here are the pics:

    Derailleur shot
    Registration sticker
    Fork crown
    Break pad

    Thanks in advance.

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    No monster, Vagner crowns were cheap, not bad but used on any number of bikes, the Gitane might not even have a Vagner, just one that looks like it, with a chrome decorative cap.

    Look for a Raleigh Gran Sport.

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