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    Question about two Vintage Trek Road Bikes

    I received a couple of answers about what model Trek I have and I beleive I have figured it out based on some of the help I received. I also wanted to ask which model bike I should keep, I have a Trek 330 Elance which is in very good condition, the one I picked up is a Trek 613 1982 model in good condition. Neither of these bikes I'm real familiar with but I like both. Keeping both is probably not an option. Any advice. Both bikes have 531 frames. Thanks Tom The picture is what I'm pretty sure is a 613 based on the serial numbers 040046
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    Assuming condition and fit are identical, I would keep the 613. I like the 1982 graphics much better, I like the components on the 613 better as well. Even though the 613 is higher up the product line, its a tough call. The 330 has more desirable 700c wheels, and indexed shifting. But I am not too enamored with first year Suntour indexed bits. (Only 330 with 531 main frame was 1987).

    I see quite a few 300 series Treks out there. 600 series are harder to find.
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    I think the 330 is an '87 or later issue with Suntour indexed shifting - IMO the Blue Line friction set up on the '82 model 613 is more desirable, and the higher model numbers have wider recognition as premium bikes.
    All things being equal, I would go for the 613 - but you said "good" and no "very good" condition - and condition counts for a lot, so I can't say this without qualification.

    Much more importantly though - you said "Keeping both is probably not an option" - To me that means I am definitely keeping both and this is the option I can heartily recommend. They're both great bikes and like money in the bank- if you do have to sell one later.
    - Auchen

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