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    Motobecane Super Mirage....ugh....

    Well after weeks of dreaming and wanting a road bike I finally purchased one. Its an old Motobecane Super Mirage and I think I may have made a mistake. I bought the damn thing for 50 bucks off an old couple who are moving out of their house. I drove 1 hr to pick up a bike that wasnt what I thought it was. This thing is in need of new tires and it has some rust here and there. But it is all original and in great shape as far as the paint goes. Brakes work fine and the gears seem to be okay. However, the damn seat post is stuck and I cannot deal with that. This is my first road bike and I thought it was going to be a quick fixie and I would be riding, but this thing needs some work. I think Im going to try to flip it. Buy it some new tires and handlebar tape. If Im patient enough redo the cables. I was wondering if anyone ideas of how much this thing is worth and if I should spend a little money to make this a better bike and sell it.

    (Ill make sure to post up pics tomorrow)

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    Stuck seat post is a price killer. Read the steps on the Sheldon Brown site on how to attack a stuck post.

    Project bikes are best suited for someone with the time/tools/aptitude/interest to work on bikes. Most older bikes have been neglected/ignored for decades. So they usually are projects. Expect that.

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