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    Belleri Rando Bars, ebay Value?

    Belleri Bars 015..jpgBelleri Bars 014..jpg

    ebay history really stinks, doesn't go back more than two weeks. Anyway, these Belleri rando bars came on a 1984 Trek 560 I am going to flip. I have other decent bars on hand, so if these are something special, I would rather sell them at the bay, or whatever. But if they are just a little more valuable than standard alloy road bars, I'll just leave them be.

    The average buyer around here will not appreciate these bars, and probably just find them odd.

    I bought this bike with the 1995 Fuji Roubaix I picked up. So the Fuji was really the value in the deal (of course, I am keeping the Fuji, so that is another story). Basic risk in "flip" land. You end up finding cool bikes in your size, so you end up expanding the fleet.....

    I looked them up in the Trek catalog, these bars are original to the bike, and are called Belleri Aero Alloy bars.

    Edit: Well, I see one set went for $20 on ebay, don't know if that is normal, or if someone got a deal. For $20, I would leave them on the bike.

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