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    White 23" Raleigh Sports

    I have the opportunity to buy a 23" Raleigh Sports in white. I've wanted a Raleigh 3 speed for some time now and this one finally revealed itself. Honestly, I'd probably prefer black, green or brown, but white will do. The B72 is pretty dry and has pulled away from one of the rivets and the rear fender may be a bit bent.

    I maintain my bikes well and at its age I'm sure this Sports will need a complete overhaul. What's a fair price for Sports in this condition? Approximately what should I expect to spend to overhaul it (price of new saddle excluded)?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Price depends on location; in my area I think $150.

    I see you need a tire and tube, so I imagine you'll go with a pair; other than that, I don't see why overhaul would necessarily cost anything beyond time. But if you go all out, you could end up putting in new cotter pins, cables, brake shoes, possibly grips, possibly chain... you could even replace the ball bearings if you wanted to, but I only do that in very extreme cases. Were I overhauling it, maybe $40. But you could easily go up to $100 if you pull out all the stops.

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